All the other butterflies

She sits and stares at the computer screen, scrolling and scrolling, typing and typing, trying to find more information, more detail. This is what jealousy does to you, makes you go a little crazy, scrounging, grasping for made up pieces of other people, people you only see through images. She sits and stares and wonders why, what makes her any different from the other girl. Wallowing in her self-doubt and insecurities, she forgets that she too is amazing in her own ways. She questions if the boy knows this, that she sits at home and makes up reasons to be jealous of his friends. She looks up these girls because she cannot comprehend why a boy like him would be with a girl like her, why not be with one of his friends instead. So she continues scrolling and scrolling, waiting for the moment that she too will realize that she is something extraordinary, she just needs to notice herself sometime. She is a butterfly that did not realize that she had already grown her wings. Perhaps she needed to learn that she too was beautiful.


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