Two Months: Day 21

Today went pretty good.

Well, you called him. And you asked why you all weren’t talking, if he was mad. No, he said, you and him weren’t talking because you just weren’t talking. And you asked if you were all still on a break. Yes, you both are still on a break.

Well, he thought you were annoying for asking, but you now feel relived because now you do not wonder if you guys suddenly broke it off without explicitly saying it.

Anyways, today in lab, while dissecting hearts, your lab group started talking about relationships. And for some reason, you said something about how you guys must have nothing to talk about. Ugggh, I wish you hadn’t said that. Then one of your classmates, Jennifer, said ‘oh, I know what you’re talking about’ to your other classmate. This slightly bother you because you are I don’t know, confused about your relationship right now. And hopefully, she was not talking about your relationship. Actually she was referring probably to the conversation that the two boys were having about how girls are confusing.

Anyways, you said you only had one serious relationship, eluding to the one you are in right now. And then later, you said you’ve had four, if including relationships that you don’t really count from your younger school days. Later on, you started talking about how you really liked how tall your boyfriend was. True though, you love his height. That tall motherfucker.

Later in, in conversation, you mentioned him for no real reason. You just like mentioning him because you like to think of him.

Sigh. Well today went pretty good. Math class, dissected a sheep heart, went to creative writing. You’re piece: A Clichéd Fiction Piece was not ridiculed, in fact, one person in your group liked it. Except, blaaaaah, you need to fix some of those names, you messed up because you kept changing the characters’ names.

So you’re pretty hyper right now. And you miss how you’re cheeks begin to hurt from smiling too much when you go out with him. (Deep breaths) Anyways you miss him. And at the moment, you feel a little tired of being mad and upset with him.

He’s a liar. You’re kinda crazy. He needs to be honest. I’ll admit, you need to tone it down with your crazy. What else do you all need to think about?

But go and forge ahead with this break. Look at you taking these steps. You’re alright.


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