Two Months: Night 19

Not gonna lie, you miss him.

And you’re not feeling angry or anything right now, you just miss him in the back of your mind, trying to calculate the moments you’ll see him tomorrow.

You’re still focusing on you and all that, but yeah, you wonder if he’s thinking about you too. Or if he’s just talking to one of those other girl friends of his. They’re only friends, but still.

And if this was only a chapter in your life and in his life, and you both ended up together, who cares about everything that happened in between? Didn’t he say that? Didn’t he say that a month ago, two months ago? All that will matter in the end is that you two ended up together.

Hey you, it’s gonna be okay. Move forward now. And move forward tomorrow. And all the days after that. I know you love that boy, but not like this, not like this. Not like this.

Shhhh, you got to be cold now. Leave him alone like he wants. Get your space to be mad like you want. Okay?

He knows you’re mad. You know he’s mad for no real reason. And this, this is all just a phase, Before you know it, before you know it, it’s all gonna be okay.

So you do you. He’ll do him. And you’ll end up together in the end. It’ll be amazing. Promise.


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