Two Months: Night 18

Well, you were stressed this afternoon with all your studying and homework. Usually in cases like this, you message him or something and just talking to him helps you stress a little less. Anyways, yeah, you were stressed.

This afternoon you got to go to one of your favorite places. And you got a few new dresses. And you were happy about that.

But all you could think about was him.

That’s when it hit you hard, that’s when it hit you.

You missed that boy like a motherfucker. Damn, you even thought about how he would feel when he saw you in the dresses you were picking. At one point, you were picking dresses based on how stupid you wanted to make him feel.

And you kept thinking about all the things you wanted to do, and the places you wanted to see, and everything that would be doing in a few years. And all you could think was how you wanted him to be right next to you. And wow, you hate that he lied, but you love so many things about him. And it made you feel sad that you two weren’t talking.

And then sudden;y you felt mad. And you thought about how he lied all that time. And how he lied when you asked him about it. And how it feels like think he was fooling around. Okay, well maybe he wasn’t fooling around because you don;t think he’d actually cheat on you, but fuck, he lied about it. And lying compared to fooling around is just as bad. Because fuck them other girls, that’s why. You don’t care about his friendship with them. He fucking lied, especially about that girl S.

Then after that rush of anger and madness, you thought about how you would seduce your boyfriend. Ha! You seducing him, that thought amused you.

So yeah, that’s gonna happen once you stop being all mad. That’s gonna take a while though. I guess you’ll be in training to make that happen.

Wow, you really want to make that boy feel stupid.

And you want him to make sacrifices.

And you want him to miss you.

And you want him to chase you.

And you want him to regret.

It’s gonna happen.



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