Two Months: Night 17

You miss him. And wouldn’t it be nice for him to hold you? Gosh, it would be nice to laugh in the shower with him and to lay with him in bed. Wow, you love him. But he was so stupid and so fucking wrong. And that fucker’s hasn’t been saying anything to you right now. Well, maybe he’s just giving space because he knows you’re mad. Anyways though, you miss him. And you kinda want to fast forward everything to the part were you two are are okay and you don’t feel mad anymore and he’s always honest. And fast forward to the part where you two just love each other. That would be nice.

So you emailed him and asked him who hes taking to tonight.  You bet its….actually it could be any one of them. And you hate that. You hate that. Because every minute he’s not replying back to you it’s probably because hes fucking “busy”, hes probably talking to them.

Nevermind, I don’t think you want to talk to him anymore.


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