Two Months: Day 18

Well, you posted everything yesterday today because yesterday turned out to be pretty full.

Anyways, he didn’t say anything last night. So you emailed him to say he probably stayed up late last night talking to one of them.

So he replied back about ten minutes later saying ‘seriously, you haven’t talked to me for days and that’s all you have to say?’.

Actually, yeah. That’s all you have to say.

You’re still mad and you still love him. But you’re still so fucking jealous and angry and upset about him doing what he did. He lied all that fucking time.

And yeah, you and him are still in a relationship. Your friend and your sister thought you and him weren’t. But you two are. You two are. You guys are together. You two broke up a few times there, then went on this break. Alright? So stop confusing yourself. You guys are together. So anything else, with any other person would be considered cheating. You two are together still, no matter what anyone else thinks. So calm your ass down. You and him just needs some space because you’re still pissed off. And this is just a break. You guys talked about this last Monday where you two kissed and said you were all fine with this break to fix your relationship.

Anyways, yeah you miss him. But you’ll leave him alone for now.


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