Two Months: Day 18, Part 2

You said ‘yeah, that’s all you had to say, you were still really mad. You miss him though’.

And he says to ‘just leave him alone, okay?’ He didn’t even say that he misses you too.

This scares you. You are unsure if he means it’s over or he just means to leave him alone during the break.

You now will just assume he means during the rest of this break, for the rest of the two months.

Fine then, you didn’t want to talk to him anyways. (Lies: You always want to talk to him).

You also do not know if you can not talk to him for that long.

Hey, just keep moving forward. Pretend like you already walked away. If he loves you, he’ll catch up. And if he doesn’t catch up, well, who cares? You already moved on.


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