Two Months: Day 17

In your dream, you two made up. And you were all kissing. And then you woke up.

I guess it was going pretty good today. You’re teacher didn’t give a math test. Tutoring went well. Then you got to class and you were feeling fine. You talked to your friend and you didn’t look at him, like you didn’t write a postcard to him the day before, the one you won’t be sending. You thought he said or she said something about a drink. Not like that, but something. Who knows? Anyways you didn’t look at him. Until it was time to leave and you saw a glimpse of him behind your friend and you saw he had a haircut. The teacher let you out fifteen minutes early, so you spent that time running into him and purposely ignoring him. Damn, you walked in a few circles trying to do that. So then time went by, you bought a candy bar to feel better. After school you tried to get your id card, but they said they were closed. So you talked with your friend about how you miss him. Then you just ended up at chess club. That went alright.

So you spent the day missing him and being mad and upset. But for the most part, just missing him.


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