Two Months: Day 14

Today was okay.

You broke another zipper from one your bags. You used to think it was just the quality of the zippers, but as you realize it now, you are just horrible with zippers on your bags. Or maybe just zippers in general. You keep breaking them. Perhaps next time, you will buy a bag with a clasp instead.

Now back to describing the day….

Well it started out pretty fine until lab started to end. Then your classmate told you that you had something red on your white lab coat. And damn, you’ve been walking all over that lab for the last two hours. And yes, it was blood since you’re on your monthly, but you lied and said it was phenol red from today’s experiment. So while that embarrassment dissolves in your mind, let’s move on to the day’s other events.

There were not any other events.

So let’s think about the good things. You walked into math, not having finished your homework that was, ahem, due today. But you asked your teacher if you turn it in tomorrow. And he said yes. Then in lab today, you had Madeleine cookies in your bag! You also left class for five minutes and came back just in time for the pop quiz which was just putting the date on the paper. Later, you decided to try a Reese’s bar and sat in the back of creative writing very contently while you discussed fiction.

Well, back to him….

You looked around or rather, walked around hoping to run into him. But you didn’t. And perhaps you thought for a second, good for you. You actually have nothing new to say to him. You can’t think of anything to say to him. You kinda hate him right now. And yet, in creative writing class, you suddenly have created a plot for a so-called fiction book that is somehow about him. And perhaps thinking about this book idea makes you miss him a little less. Or perhaps not. Because it makes you think about him a little more. Who knows yet? It’s only been like one hour since.

And right now, you do not have the itch to call him. And that’s alright. That’s pretty great.

You woke up a little down, thinking about him, with Icona Pop’s “Just Another Night” stuck in your head.

And you sat in the cafeteria pondering about your life of college units and straightforwardness, as you read your book and thought about him and how you missed his liveliness. And how he was chaos and a bit of animosity, but nonetheless amazing, kinda like an exciting adventure to compliment your constant studying. And you miss that. Because now life feels a little boring, but you’;re slowly slipping back into days of contentment. There ain’t nothing wrong with that. But you miss his energy. Fuck, you miss him.


Live life like you already walked away, like you already walked away.

It’s gonna be amazing. I promise.


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