Two Months: Night 13

You feel very annoyed and paranoid right no, wondering about your “boyfriend.

Remembering that last time when you two were play wrestling over a bottle of cologne. What the fuck? That thought annoys you right now. I mean, you truly believe that your boyfriend would never cheat on you, but just the thought of play wrestling with him over that bottle annoys you.

And this spurt of not talking is really going to go on for some time. You’re really going to drag this this time. He’s a fucking idiot. And you’re fucking mad. And no lie, a little crazy. The point is, just leave him alone.

All of his friends bother you.

Z: Well, technically you know she really is his friend. She’s also all caught up with her new boyfriend as you have seen through the internet. But you know it’s not your boyfriend because well, she showed a glimpse of her boyfriend in one of her pictures. You do not actually see her as a threat to your relationship, especially after he told you that she was one of your biggest supporters. You are still jealous that she considers him her best friend. Because what in the hell? He’s your best friend.

A: As much as this bothers you, you also know that this his friend, but you are also insanely jealous. And that bothers you because you were never jealous of this girl. In fact you never really thought of her before. And now the thought of her bothers you. It bothers you because why in the fuck is she even still in the story line? Also, you don’t really think he likes her like that, but the mere thought of that bothers the fuck out of you. You’re just jealous. But out of all things he was honest about, this was the one he was mist honest about. I’ll give him that.

S: You just don’t understand what’s happening here. I mean, you don’t think any weird stuffs happening here, but you feel like there are some underlying feelings which of course, bothers the fuck out of you. He told the truth about Z and A, but didn’t about S until you admitted that you already knew. And this dumbass over here, still cannot comprehend that she is the reason you broke up with him, even if she’s just a friend. She is the main reason. And for that, you hate her the most. And now you’ve told him you’ll accept? That’s so stupid of you. No. No. No. You will not accept.

That idiot said he wasn’t even going to be friends with him because you were so upset when he lied the first time about seeing his friends. he knew they made you uncomfortable and he did it anyways. He did it anyways. He swore on your relationship. He swore.

And now, you just feel a little more broken than you already were. And it hurts you all over again. Because that boy is a fucking idiot and he’s fucking reckless with your heart.

As much as it hurts you to leave him alone. Perhaps this break will cool you down. But you don’t know how your relationship will actually recover from it. He’s going to need to make sacrifices for you. Because I have no idea how you’re going to accept. Since right now, you don’t want to. You don’t want to. You fucking hate him right now. You feel like calling it all off, breaking up, and never looking back. And it’s horrible because you also miss him a lot.

Because I bet, when you’re laying there in bed, you’re going to imagine him holding you, like you do almost every night. And then you’ll know that maybe inside you do have the ability to accept because you love him a lot.

But for tonight and all the other nights, you can still love him a lot, but you need him to know that he’s wrong, so wrong. You need him to make a choice for you. He needs to make a sacrifice. You need him to actually choose. Because this entire thing is unfair for you.

And you need to learn when it’s time to walk away. Because this is some bullshit.

For now, just treat everything as if you have already walked away.


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