Two Months: Day 13

This morning you saw him before class. You had him walk you to yours. And you two were fine. All smiles, you laughing. Him telling you he had a story to tell you.

Well you two talked today after class because you asked for five minutes. And damn, you wanted him to hold you and he wouldn’t. That’s the only reason you wanted those five minutes. But he wouldn’t hold you.

And let’s just say, it went pretty bad. He told you he was mad because I went through his stuff. He said he had to change all his passwords. When you asked about him transferring with you, he said he wasn’t staying because his friend was also staying. He thought that thought of yours was stupid. (Then again, you did make that thought out of jealousy). And he said even though you were transferring, at least you’d still live in the same place. He said he didn’t want to talk about it. By “it”, you mean all the lies. He just wanted to move on. You started to complain about A, even though, for the most part of it, this was what he actually chose to be honest about. He even mocked you about this one because even you know that that was friendship. And you said you were the only one holding it all together. He said that you holding it together too tightly is what was breaking you two apart. And he was like you’re the only one who loves in this relationship? Yes, he asked that question to you. And you said nothing. I suppose you said nothing because deep down, you know he loves too.  After asking him to stay because he wanted to go, and after yelling and all that, you said you were mad that he never really said sorry. And he was all mad and and saying he’s sorry for everything. You told him to just go. And then you sat up there, all sad.

Don’t look back now. It keeps hurting your feelings. And it keeps getting you all angry.

So for now, you’ll just act as if you’re moving on. You’re moving on.


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