Two Months: Night 12

You’re doing okay right now. In fact, you want to say you’re doing pretty well right now.

And you’re feeling pretty good. You don’t need that boy to be happy.

In order to feel better, you did some things for you. Things that make you happy. You started eating healthier today. You walked into a open house for no reason but to stare. You painted your nails red. You watched funny tv shows and looked at pinterest. You studied some. You read some. You’re listening to songs that make you happy. You’re excited to be wearing your lip gloss again for no reason but to wear lip gloss.

So yeah, you feel pretty good about everything right now. Even this break. So hey, you just keep doing things that make you feel good. You do you. Ugggh, that line’s so funny, but true. Anyways, look at you feeling better.

Here’s to more nights like this.


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