Two months: day 9, part 2

Right now you feel a little lonely and it’s not because you don’t have anyone to talk to (you do). It’s just, you only want to talk to him right now.

So here you are, missing him, trying to tell yourself not to call him up.

You want so badly for you two to be okay again and to go bacon to laughing an holding and all that. An then you think back to all this times from before. And on the underside of before, he had been friends with them. And he had been lying to you about it, saying to you he handy talked to them or almost a year. And you were always skeptical.

Ofcourse the upside to him and you being together while he fiends with them means that aside from lying and your jealousy, he knelt wanted to be with you. An he never cheated on you because he only wanted to love you. So maybe it was fine that he was friend with them because at the end of the day, he still chose to be with you.

But of course your jealousy says he was only with you because he couldn’t be with one of them, they go to school too far away. This entire idea angers you.

So right now you’re pmsing and you hate him right now, but you also miss him a lot. And you’re thinking about calling and wondering about him, but you’re also feeling really untrusting and low.

And as much as you want him to call you first and beg for you back and say sorry like motherfucker, you just want to forgive him and forget and go back to loving him.


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