Two Months: Day 8, Part 3

You guess you’re okay right now.

You’re alright to be honest.

And you’re gonna be okay.

You wonder about him. What’s he doing now? Is he thinking about you too?

Has he considered transferring with you? How could he lie to you for a year?

Honestly, a few hours ago to right about now, you were feeling jealous and angry inside. Not like shaking anger you felt last week, but more like the “why?” kinda angry, where you’re just searching for answers that can justify his fuck ups. And that kind of anger leaves behind a bitter aftertaste where you don’t feel good thinking about him at all. You don’t even like to talk about as yours right now, there’s an estrangementĀ to it, as if it isn’t real at the moment. You wonder what he says about you.

But hey, he’s not thinking about you right now anyways, so throw that thought away.

Leave that boy alone for now.

So go ahead and get better, not that your just a big puddle of sad. I mean, you’re alright right now.

But you go ahead and feel amazing because you deserve so much more than okay.

Let him chase you. You deserve to be chased too


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