Letters you won’t be receiving , six


Hey are you thinking about me right now?

Are you wondering about me and how I’m doing?

Did you wonder if I missed you today?

Or are you sitting there, talking to someone else, the thought of me pushed to the back of your mind?

Did you know I make a mental list of things I want to tell you, ut by the time I want to tell you, I’ve forgotten.

Did you know that? Tell me, did you?

Did you know I think about you all the time? Even in my dreams, because you keep showing up there. Did you know you show up there too?

Do you know I write you all the time? And I’ve stopped wondering when I’m going to receive my love letter from you. You won’t be writing me anytime soon. But gosh, I’ve always wanted you to write me a letter.

Do you know I feel sad when I write you? I always feel sad when I write you. Because what if it’s the last time?

Do you know I miss you? I miss you all the time.

Hey, do you love me? I think you do, but sometimes I just like you to tell me for no reason. It feels good.

Do you know before I fall asleep I think about you holding me?

Do you think about that too?

I love you by the way.


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