Two Months: Night 7

Well you feel alright now.

Not mad, not sad, not angry, just alright.

You occasionally check your email to see if he’s said anything to you, not that you’ll reply back, just to see. I think you’re just going to wait this one out and not say anything to him. You feel pretty calm right now, tired even.

You’re excited for the future and all that. It’s not like you weren’t anyways, but you don’t feel the heaviness of all your feelings weighing down on your vision. You feel pretty clear.

Even if you two don’t work out, you know it’s gonna be okay.

I mean, you are pretty set on waiting this one out and forgiving him though, I mean, he’s yours. And you really do figure that this break will actually fix the problem. Of his lying and your constant arguing (no lie, you argue for nothing sometimes). Anyways, you’re not going to feel harrowed by his lies right now nor will you let him staying another semester bother you. He has to do what he has to do and it has nothing to do with her (honestly you made that one up like yesterday when you had nothing to think about).

What else to say? Yeah, you feel really calm right now. Perhaps it’s because you’ve seemed to slow down your thoughts. And you know what? It feels really good.


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