Two Months: day 7

What is it? You woke up, frustrated. Then you thought for an hour and didn’t feel mad. In fact, you missed him. And you wanted to talk to him. Even in your dream last night where your teeth got messed up, you had him hold you. And now, you’re siting here, contemplating if you want to talk to him.

You want him to transfer with you. Or not be friends with them. He has to do something for you. It’s driving you a little crazy because you don’t want to break up with him.

I mean, what’s up? What are you gonna pick?

Is he really going to only stay another semester or is it gonna be 2? Is staying because he has to or because he wants to wait for his friend? Man, fuck that.

And now you’re feeling pretty mad and frustrated.

Oh fuck, you really want him to pick before you just make the choice to let him go.


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