Two months: day 6

We’ll how do you feel right now.


You saw him this morning. You two were ok. He didn’t go on Saturday. After you said that thing about cheating and how you get a ‘no questions asked card’, he said he would never cheat on you.

Later on in class, you two kept stealing glances. Which was kinda fine until the teacher noticed when you laughed because the glance was held for pretty long. And since you started to worry about your break, you talked to him and he said he was okay with it. He knew this break was to fix your relationship. He knew he was wrong. He knew he lied. He said he hasn’t talked to them lately. Just A, after you unfollowed her on his tumblr because you were mad.

You slightly wonder about him staying another semester even though you know why he had to drop that last class. You had him skip too much. But you also hope that it has nothing to do with Z.

(And now you know that she’s staying another year. And that bothers you, so you told him you wanted to talk because you didn’t like how it was sounding. And then you thought better of it because well, your sister’s going to be there too at school. Anyways, you told him you two just shouldn’t talk).

And after talking about him staying another semester and how he said you two were going to be together in the fall, just not in class together, you felt pretty good about the future. And you said you still hated all three of them and you two hugged it out and kissed. You’re still waiting for him to say sorry without you mentioning it. Because hat the hell? Why isn’t he always saying sorry. You’d like it if he did. Anyways you said you loved him, he said he loved you too.

And that was that.

You’re still confused, but you feel a little better about him.

Maybe a few more weeks for this break. I don’t know.


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