Two Months: Day 6, Part 3

It’s like you were feeling okay. And then suddenly, this afternoon, all that anger flooded your mind. You don’t know if you want to do this anymore. You feel doubt. You feel anger. You feel sadness. You feel unsure. And you hate this.

You were fine this morning after you talked to him. And then you talked to your friend and you did not feel that reassurance you wanted to feel. He basically said that if he were in this situation, he would move on. And now you feel kinda lost about the situation.

You still think you’re going to go through with the two months break, but you know, he was wrong. So, so wrong.

To be honest, you don’t really want to leave him.

I mean, you love the way it feels when you’re just with him, being. It feels great. And it feels really nice.

But right now, you’re just not going to talk to him. Let him miss you. Let him wonder about you. Let him feel regret.

You need a need a sincere apology.

Just leave that boy alone.


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