Two Months: Day 6, Part 2

You guess you’re fine right now.

After you guys finished talking e had thanked you for talking to him. And as you descened the satirs, you said you loved him. And he mumbled that he lvoed yout too. And while walking down, he said he wanted to tell you about something cool. And when you asked him ‘what’, he just said he’d show you later, he’ll talk to you later. And you both walked your ways.

But there will not be a later for a while.

Because you don’t like how you feel about him right now. Sure, but unsure. Fleeting.

You wonder if he will choose to not leave because she is staying or because he actually needs to stay. Your reasoning says he needs to actually stay, to fully take in what he’s learning, nit to rush him. But the jealous pessimist in your mind says he chooses to stay because he wants to wait for his friend. And you hate that idea. So you will stick to your reasonable side because that makes you feel better.

And he thought you would both be together in the fall, just not at the same school. But together, nonetheless.

Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night. Am I right?

Anyways, you told him you needed to talk to him Wednesday about this. But then you turned around and said you didn’t want to talk to him.

I don’t know how your going to work it out if he doesn’t follow you to the next school.

I don’t know. May he will transfer with you and take night classes. You hope so, more like you wish.

One week of nothing. NO talking. Here we go.


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