Two months: Night 5

You guess you’re okay now. You feel a little better, fresher, stabler knowing that you’ve talked to him. And it was alright. You said you wanted to continue this break and cool down before you two really talked.

The last message you sent asked him to think about this:

In the case we miraculously work out even though we’re confused right now about what we want, what do you want for us to make us better? What would you want for our relationship if we could make it healthier?

You told him you didn’t need an answer, you just wanted him to think about it. You’re thinking about it too.

Honesty, you’d want all honesty. Empathy. To know that you’re loved and that you’re heart is safe. And to know that you’re the only one. That’s what you want.

But what does he want? Uggggh, maybe you’re just too nice. Well, actually you are too nice. 

Anyways, if this break was about moving forward, what would you want for a healthier relationship? What would make it better?

You’re pretty calm right now. And you feel more open. And well, you feel at peace.

This feels nice right now. This is the way you should always feel. At peace with your heart.


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