Two Months: Day 5, Part 2

He emails you. Says he confused about you two. And he says he’s scared he’ll lose you, but he isn’t sure of this will be what he wants.

You feel the same way too.

Because in truth, you don’t know what you want. You tell him that every time. Like you know you only want to love him, but you’re so mad at him right now for being so wrong. He’s so, so wrong right now. But you love him and why can’t you love like this when you’re young. Crazy, madly, wildly.

Maybe you don’t know. But you don’t mind ‘not knowing’ with him. Damn, you don’;t even know. All you know is that if this your moment to love him, why not now.

So take deep breaths. It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be alright. So stop those tears from leaving your eyes. They don’t need to be there.


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