Two Months: Day 3, Part 4

So you said I love you too.

And you said you were still mad. He said he was working. And you said that you hated all three of them. And you told him that you didn’t want to hear from him for a long while.

So now you archive his messages because you cannot bring yourself to delete all of them. and you just blocked him, not because he’ll actually try to talk to you and bury you with endless messages begging for you to take him back. But because if you don’t block him, you’ll send him messages late at night when you can’t sleep, saying that you love him, that you miss him, how could he, didn’t he love you too. You’ll run your mouth until he says goodnight. When in reality he isn’t actually sleeping, he’s texting one them friends of his until like motherfucking two in the morning.

So no, you block him this time. You block him.

You love him. You called on a break. You didn’t want to give up on him. You love him. You love him. And even though he felt like giving up because he fucked up so badly, he promised you this break. It’s gonna be okay, it’s gonna be okay.

So shhhhhh, calm down inside.


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