Two months: day 3, part 2

You saw each other this morning. You were talking to your cousin and you saw each other. He had said he waved, but you barely looked at him when he passed by.

Later on in class he said he asked I ask because it was going to bother him. You try to stop him and tell him you’re doing pretty good now I mean, you are on day 3.he asked if he was supposed to say hi. You smiled a little and said no, pretending to be annoyed. And then you turned around two minutes later and asked if you thought he was supposed to. Yes, he thought he had to. He’s smiling. You think for a little, he must miss you. You said, between smiling, that you were still mad.

During class he keeps periodically typing. You think he’s talking to someone, messaging someone, like S. So later you turn around and look at him. And right before leaving you ask him what he’s been typing. An interview for his next class. You turn to go and he says he has something to say. He asks you to come closer and he says that he’s unblocked you from everything, if you wanted to talk. You say you’re still mad, that he’s very wrong, you should’ve never been blocked in the first place. Holding back tears of anger, you turn to leave.

You later passed each other and you walked on by.

Right now you’re still upset. But you do miss him. You love talking I him ad the way it feels, but you hate him having those friends that he lied to you about.


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