Letters You Won’t Be Receiving

Hey honey,

I looked through our pictures, the few we took the last time we went out together. And I knew inside that I missed you. That you were mine. That I was yours. And that even after everything that’s happened, you were always going to be mine.

Maybe I’m just a romantic that’s desperately in love with you, but you’re mine. And I’m yours. I don’t need any reminding to know that. But those pictures though. Those pictures. I miss you honey. I’m pissed off, but I miss you.I miss you so much.

So I keep the wallpaper the same, so I can see your face and think about that day. How you wanted to call it a date. Wow, I miss you.

You have no idea that I write about you every night. That I’m so hurt, but every night before bed, I lay awake and recount our times. All those times. We have a lot of bad times, but sometimes we forget. We forget we had a lot of good times too. Times where we’re just sitting on a bench, laughing at nothing, with your head in my lap. Or my head in your lap. And we’re just sitting there laughing.

Don’t tell me you forgot already.

I didn’t. I remember it all.

Be patient for me. I love you too okay?

Give it time now. Give it time. He needs to know that what he did wasn’t okay. It’s not okay to lie to you for a whole damn year. Excuse me, over a year. So leave him alone for a while. He needs to learn too.¬†


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