Two Months: Night 2

It’s only night two. And right now, you’re tired, exhausted, eyes drowsy from the tears.

And you slightly hope that he doesn’t have the nerve to appear in your dreams, even though you love that he enters your dreams. You love him near. So secretly you hope that he has all the nerve to appear in all your dreams, every night.

By the way, did I mention, you’re upset. All that fresh sadness, you feel hurt and broken and fragile.

You don’t really know what you want to do with you two. You will not accept that it’s over. Because maybe it’s not. It never is. You’re heart’s still ready to fight. You two go in circles all the time.

With all honesty, you’re waiting for a miracle. You’re imagining ways he’ll chase after you, how he’ll suddenly build up the urge to run back for you, to say ‘I was so stupid, take me back’. You’re waiting for some act of passion to erupt from within him. So that act can finally prove to you that your the only one he loves, that’s how much he loves you. You’re waiting for something like that.

Wow, you’d love that. You want that. You want that so badly. You hope he realizes it.

Day 2 down, now hopefully not all the days fall too fast because that will mean he never came and ran back for you. Or that will mean you already left because you were tired of waiting.

No, no. That’s not how your story ends. In your heart, he runs back for you.

You love him, only him. He loves you, only you.

Remember that.


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