Two months: day 2, part 2

It feels a little hard for you. You talk about him as if you two are really tight right now, when in truth together you guys are shaky as hell, to the point where inside it feels as if you two are nonexistent at the moment. As if he’s real, but not really. That’s scares you. And it also embarrasses you, the thought of it. I mean, it’s only been the second day and the thought of him drives you a little crazy. Damn.

Also, just the mention of trust and lying hits a sore spot with you. And you hate that.

The truth is you miss him an your closeness and you just want to say something about it. Because the idea of breaking and giving each other space scares you. This is why you always crack during periods of space, you seriously crack on the second day. But not this time, this time you’ll be strong. Because you really want this work out. You really do.

So stop worrying. It’s gonna be okay, it’s gonna be okay. Just blog and write and do whatever it takes to feel better. That’s perfectly fine.


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