Two Months: Day One, Part Six

You’re still upset. Tonight you feel disappointed. And troubled. As much as you liked to go out just to go out, you hated the idea.  You hated the idea of kids going out just to hang. Because you thought of all the times he went out with his friends. All the places they probably went. All the fucking stupid shit they did. Stuff you still don’t know about. And

That motherfucker, you even heard him say something about beer pong today. That stupid motherfucker. He knows you don’t like it when he drinks. Because it makes you nervous. Even though you know he only drinks with his guy friends. But still. You fucking hate it.

And right now his stupidity and carelessness makes you angry. In the back of your mind you love him, but everything about his lies makes you mad.

At least these two months will give you time to think without making him the one who got away.


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