Two months: day one, part 3

Waiting for the bus. And you have half and hour.

How is it possible to feel tired and restless at the same time? It’s like you’re the one who’s mad, but you’re the one who wants to see him? What the fuck, that shit doesn’t make any sense.

Here you are trying to figure out where is. Not once has he tried to find you. So stop.

Leave that boy alone. He should be the one feeling sorry. Not you. He fucked up, you didn’t.

You won’t crack. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. You’d like for him to. With the way you two go, it will probably be like one month instead of two, or maybe just weeks. Who knows. But it doesn’t matter. You’re the one whose mad. You’re the one who wants this to work but you also want space. So you pick what you want to do.

So if you really do love him, just breathe. You do love him and even though he has lost hope and feels like giving up, you won’t do that. That’s not the way you love. You’re going to accept him. Now stop for a second. Take this time to calm down.


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