Thoughts before bed…

There had been a moment I threw orange peels at him. I do not remember why.

During our talk Monday we had been bitterly kjoking about we were all just side characters and love interests. Some shit like that. I said he was a reoccuring character, something like that. He said I was like Z from HIMYM, then he stopped because well, that was weird, even though I really liked that character. (Yeah the Z thing bothered me, but fuck it, we had been talking about her anyways…). Anyways we dropped that. Whatever. Only time will tell if we’re meant to be.

Anyways, this thought irritates me right now. Of how we might be teporary. Of how that came out of our mouths. Because I like the thought of me and him as lasting. So by writing it down, it feels a little bit like burying the thought of temporary.

I wonder what he’s doing right now. Although I do feel curious, I don’t really want to talk to him. At the moment, it would be nice for him to hold me and for us to laugh about nothing. To be honest, even when I’m mad at him, I do not mind being with him. But right now, the time apart is more to display that I am mad. It also gives him the space that he wanted. And it gives me the space to think better about him instead of yelling his ears off and going off on him every other day. In a way, it saves us the time of being angry.

Anyways, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss him a little.


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