Love Letters to me, Two

Dear me,

Right now you, in the back of your mind, believe to some extent, that he is your world. Even though you have discovered he lied to you for months, you still believe him to be amazing. And admittedly, you’re crazy about him. Because in your mind, he’s still somehow beautiful.

But you didn’t deserve that. You didn’t deserve the lies. All that time talking to them could have been time spent talking to you. But it’s over now.

So just take this time to breathe and be. I know you’re discontent and distraught and discomforted right now. I know. But this is just a phase. Understand that. This is only a brief moment in your life. And your young, so this moment will soon feel like the briefest of brief because you’ll move on.

I know you already feel like the future won’t hold adventure without him. He was your idea of adventure. But silly girl, you don’t even know adventure yet. One day you’ll have great escapades and experiences. And you won’t even think about him. Because you’ll be too busy doing great things. Things that you wouldn’t have done if you had held on to him. Unimaginably great, unexpected things.

It’s not going to be alright. It’s going to be amazing. I promise.


The old you


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