Day Four, Part Two: Coming to Terms with Knowing

A few hours later, you get his message back, telling you to say what you needed to say in order for you to know it’s over. But he doesn’t understand what he’s did wrong. So you told him you two needed to talk. You weren’t in love with him anymore after what you saw. You want him to know that you know. And inside, you’re still angry. And in a disarray. And to honest, a bit lost. And at a loss for words. You don’t know what to actually say to him. Do you yell? Do you cry? Do you for no reason say ‘I love you’? Do you say friendship? Do you say nothing?

You weren’t too mad about him not loving you anymore. You were upset. But this, this is different. Now you see him in an entirely different light. And if this is how he really looks, it’s disappointing.


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