Day Four, Part Three: Going Crazy

Look at all this time your wasting, all your energy wasted on him. He fucking lied to you for a long ass time. And all you can think right now is that when he’s ignoring you, he’s talking to her.

And you can’t stop thinking about it. And you can’t stop yourself from telling him you need to talk to him. You can’t even shut up on here, just continuously blogging to empty your damn head.

And maybe you’re not going crazy, you’re just mad. And you need to run or something, not just to clear your mind, but to tire you the fuck out.

You need to get better. Will yelling at him really help you? That’s a good question. I don’t really think so. But at least you won’t have regret.

And you feel so deflated and uninspired.

Wow, you are pretty mad right now. I hope this isn’t what going crazy feels like.


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