Day Two: Denial

You’re sitting here pretending that you’re okay, when in the back of your mind, you know. You know you’re completely hung up over someone that explicitly told you that don’t love you anymore. You know that, but you’re being hardheaded. You’re pretending. He doesn’t love you anymore. So what the fuck do you think you’re doing? Trying to get through to someone that’s deliberately ignoring your messages and blocking your calls. What the hell? You’re completely in denial.

So here you are, typing away. Trying to pretend that all that didn’t happen two days ago. And while you don’t want to think about him, you also don’t want to forget. You don’t want to forget the good. Because you love him still. And in time, time will erase all the bad and numb the hurt inside, but it will also take away all the good you remembered about him. And look at you, you’re in denial. You’re in denial. How in the hell can you still be trying to grasp the good when he ruined it all? You need to learn to get angry and get over it.


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