my dear, this one is for you

I sit and watch you,

as I try to memorize the lines in your face,

as you hold my hand,

our attention drops

to our hands,

as I finger your hangnail.

the tightness of your grip,

and the roughness of your skin.

we laugh.

your hand is too big.

my hands are so small.

but yet, we continue to hold on.

I lean over to touch your face

and look into your eyes.

I stop and realize I love you,

but this doesn’t feel long

you and I,

atleast not long enough.

I want you forever.

but we’re so young, who knows?

so I sit there and try to memorize your face,

and try to grasp how  I feel,

to miss you when you’re right in front of me.

you don’t think you’re going anywhere,

you don’t want me to feel this way,

to miss you when I shouldn’t.

but my dear, you don’t understand.

you wont always be there.

we can’t see the future.

what if i won’t be there.

we don’t know.

I should memorize all I can.


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