Free Write

Write about going back to school after summer vacation.

She hadn’t slept much the night before. It was part anxiety, part anticipation. She loved the first back, yet she loathed it. Sure, she missed her friends, but she also knew that in the beginning of the school year, people changed. Everything would only be a fraction of what it once was. A bit like characters coming back for a new season, but everyone was a little different. Fresh haircuts, older faces, height differences, altogether making an entirely new looking group of people with slightly different attitudes.

After hours of tossing and turning, Kelly woke up, half in a haze, half in a hurry. She felt ready for the upcoming day, but she felt a little nervous. She looked in the mirror for a moment. Was that a pimple? Does this outfit look as cute as I had planned last night?  Damn, my skin feels dry.

Where did the summer go?

She flashes back to the beginning of the summer when she had set herself some goals. Losing her pudge, clearing her skin, changing her style. And yet, she looked in the mirror, there she was, looking the same.  Plus maybe, like another five pounds around her mid-section. Oh well, it’s not like she planned to expose her midriff anytime soon.

Kelly checked her book bag for the seventh time that morning. Pencils, pens, paper, hairbrush, sandwich, water, gum. She felt a little bit better.

As Kelly’s dad drove her to school, she tried to breathe easily to herself. And when they got to the front of the school, she stepped out with what thought was a confident foot forward. This was it.

The year she got the guy. The year she got to fit in. The year that would perhaps give her definition. Maybe.


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