A Cup of Tea with Me

Emptying my thought because I think too much.

Damn, I talk to that boy too much.

I’m not going to lie though. I can be so angry or upset or frazzled by him. By once he says I love you, I don’t care about how I felt earlier. Ugggggh, I love I love yous. Who doesn’t?

I need to find something else to do, especially because I’m not going to ask him to hang out anymore unless he asks first. And I’m not going to contact him first anymore. Damn, it’s his turn to chase me. I make it all too easy for him. I mean, I usually get too excited and end up doing everything¬†first. Not this time, not this time. Pursue me, you idiot.

I just need to learn to breathe on my own. I’m so used to that boy being right there when I feel even the tiniest bit lonely. I mean damn, I made this blog because I have way too many thoughts.

I mean, are blogs for the lonely? Maybe. Sometimes I feel like that. At least for the blogs that have no real purpose but to rant. I mean, I love to write, but wow, doesn’t it just seem like I’ve just been running my mouth for the last minute or so it took you to read up to this point?


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