On My Creative Being


So I begin my creative quest with this blog. Not that I am entirely dry, I’m just not oozing creativity. Although I want to say I just never have very original ideas when it comes to artwork and all that, maybe I’m just really shy when it comes to expressing myself in that way. I mean, I like drawing, but screwing up scares me.

What if the face I’m drawing doesn’t look like the person I mean to be drawing? What if what I write is so true, it scares me? What if, I don’t know…someone tells me I’m “wrong”? 

So even in cases when I’m being creative, I don’t like to share, even when I know in a sense, that it’s right. I don’t actually share until I feel absolutely sure that it’s right to the fullest extent. Which I guess in a way is kind of crazy. Because there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to being creative.


One thought on “On My Creative Being

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